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A spokesman told us there were no layoffs as a result of the split, though Docker employees were posting their resumes within hours of the deal being announced.

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Today there are millions of active users of Docker Desktop and Docker Hub who have chosen Docker as the basis of their workflow for modern applications. Additionally, Docker Hub has paid subscriptions. Mirantis is also evaluating options for making the transition to Kubernetes easier for Swarm users. At the time Singh said the company was pulling in between to customers per quarter and that its average deal size was twice as big as the year before.

While Docker had failed to build a sustainable business, it had built a thriving community of users and developers — at least up until recently. So as well as employees being left uncertain of their future, community members may well be feeling the rug has been pulled from under them. We are excited to invest more in this area as part of our next chapter.

Furthermore, once Kubernetes had won the orchestration battle, it had to backtrack on Swarm, leaving it with muddled messaging, compared to Red Hat and OpenShift.

More broadly, he said, we seem to be at the end of an economic cycle when it came to tech firms — witness the fates of Uber, wework, as well as smaller tools firms that have been absorbed by bigger rivals or private equity. Newsletter sign up Archive. Home Containers Docker courts developers, pledges to keep community and Captains afloat after Enterprise The Elephant was anticipated at the beginning of the trail as something wondrous and exciting, but after miles and miles of hardship, the novelty had worn thin.

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  • Il nulla e il suicidio giovanile (LiberaMente) (Italian Edition).

Yesterday we stopped at the California Trail Interpretive Center near Elko, Nevada and spent two hours there learning more about the great western migration of the s. Having traveled almost all the way across this great country in a comfortable, air conditioned car, with convenient roadside restaurants and hotels, we have only glimpsed the Elephant.

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  • Docker courts developers, pledges to keep community and Captains afloat after Enterprise sale.
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And most of that glimpse was at the Interpretive Center. There's a little trail outside the building that wanders through the sagebrush with old wagons and cast-offs depicting life along the trail.

Costa Concordia set afloat before final journey to scrapyard

Inside, the displays describe the conditions and hardships of the journey with maps, dioramas, and old photos. Our visit really increased our understanding and admiration of the early pioneers. Our earlier stop at Twin Falls, Idaho was interesting too. In this photo you can see the shadow of a parachute coming down, but the actual chute is hard to see against the rocky gorge.

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Today we will cross the Sierras in luxury compared to the pioneers , and slide down into the Big Valley and home. It's been a good trip full of wonderful experiences, gorgeous scenery, and interesting people. What a great country we live in! We knew it would be a long day visiting Yellowstone, so we left Cody at 6: I was really hoping we'd see a few animals in the park, so imagine my delight when this guy came walking along the road right beside us!

And we hadn't even gotten into the park yet. After entering the park we turned north towards Hayden Valley hoping to see more wildlife. Sure enough, we saw a grizzly bear and more bison. Using the binoculars again, I was able to get this close up of the herd. We only had to wait a little while and, true to its name, Old Faithful started spitting Then we went back to the Inn, checked out the old clock above the massive fireplace, and had a delightful lunch in the Craftsmen-style dining room before heading out again.

We really enjoyed our day at Yellowstone; especially the wildlife.

Here is a list of all the animals we saw:. On our way from Mt. Rushmore to Yellowstone today, we took a little detour over to Devils Tower. There are a few theories about how this unique geological formation happened, but I like the Native American's idea best, so I'll share that with you.

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One day seven sisters were chased into a low rock by bears. Their prayers for help were answered and the rock carried them upward. The leaping bears' claws left furrows in the tower as it rose higher and higher. The sisters were carried so high they ended up in the sky and became the constellation Pleiades.

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It was a beautiful day up at the tower.